KelbyContent Marketing

If you’ve hopped on the internet for more than a minute in the past few years, you’ve heard the term ‘content marketing.’ It’s a big deal right now, and doing it well is the difference between success and failure for brands.

Content marketing is the the newest iteration of marketing. It’s the creation and sharing of online content that guides readers and viewers to your brand without explicitly selling them something. Think of it as an online tour of your entire company for people, not just a look at the showroom.

Today’s marketing is all about openness and authenticity. Individuals and companies are more visible than ever before. Social media outlets offer everyone the chance to tell their story, even as it’s happening. We all feel like we know each other, and that’s bled into how customers consume businesses. Companies have to build genuine connections with their target demographics.

Content marketing helps brands do that. By creating online content (like blogs, videos, podcasts, or photos) that tell your company’s story, you accomplish three things.

  1. You open your world to your potential customer. Today, everyone feels entitled to a behind the scenes look at things. We want to see the music video AND the making of the video. We want stars to share their stories on the red carpet and on Instagram. Content marketing shares your world with your customer. You can introduce them to employees, share values and practices, and make them feel like they are a part of the team.
  2. You tell a cohesive story. Customers don’t simply want to know what you have to offer them. Customers want to feel like they know the brands they support. They want to know the history, the practices, and the ethics of your brand. By creating content that tells those stories, you fill that client need.
  3. You come across as real. Nothing is more paramount than authenticity today. Brands that rely on automation or canned, clunky responses will fail. Customers want to connect with the humans behind the logos. Being a brand isn’t enough. Who created the brand? Who pumps life into it? What does it really look like to work with you, and how do you work? Stories that share personal information, such as work habits and challenges, resonate with people. It makes you real in their eyes. It relates you to them.

Content marketing is the name of the game right now. It’s the best strategy to get people to notice and remember your brand. It’s the way to establish a true and lasting connection with your audience. Invest your time and energy into content marketing to see a difference in your growth and business success.